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5 Essential Tips to Custom Shoe Design

5 Capital Tips to Custom Shoe Design

5 Capital Tips to Custom Shoe Design

When it comes to custom shoe design, adroitness is key. Apprehend these tips to get your artistic juices slowing for the absolute shoes!


Over a quarter of American consumers own a customized item, with shoes amid the best accepted custom pieces. How can you get your own brace of custom kicks?

One-of-a-kind shoe designs are popular online, accomplish abundant gifts, or are the absolute affair for accumulation activities, like appointment picnics or sports aggregation celebrations. They're a artistic announcement of your interests and are different to you.

No amount what your reason is for customizing your shoes, it's important you do it right. Actuality are bristles tips to accomplish abiding your shoe architecture looks amazing!

1. Alpha Simple

Before you're a custom shoe designing pro, alpha with a simple idea. That way you can amount out how things will attending already the shoe is finished.

Logos, aggregation names, funny words, and admired colors are all abundant places to start. See how the architecture looks on the assorted altered shoes that you can book on.

2. Accept Your Shoe

Speaking of the shoe, there are altered types you can accept from. The one you aces ability absolute your design, so it ability be best to alpha with a shoe best aboriginal and architecture about it.

For example, slip-ons accept beneath amplitude to assignment with than aerial tops. However, elements of your aerial top architecture could get absent beneath a blow cuff.

3. Different Art

The art you upload needs to be different and aerial quality. Never plagiarize; consistently accomplish abiding you accept the rights to use any art that isn't your own.

Upload your art as a .png or aerial affection .jpg book at 2000 x 1000 pixels. Browse added custom shoe photos to get an abstraction of the affectionate of artful you appetite to go for.

4. Comedy Around

Play about with your account to accomplish abiding you get it right. You appetite a affection aftereffect back your shoes go into production.

Take the time to accomplish a few apish ups. You'll get a acceptable abstraction of what the accomplished artefact will attending like and amount out what limitations you're alive with.

5. Be You

At the end of the day, these are activity to be your one-of-a-kind kicks. Don't be shy and don't authority back; accurate yourself.

Do you accept an in antic with your friends? Does your ancestors accept a funny adage or do you appetite to admire a appropriate event?

Do you aloof absolutely adulation pizza? If you're activity blocked back it comes time to actualize your design, alpha allurement these questions and the afflatus is abiding to appear to you.

Have Fun With Your Shoe Design

Getting to actualize a custom shoe architecture is a lot of fun. If you didn't apperceive what to apprehend or what affectionate of designs you should appear up with, we apperceive our adviser got you aback on track.

So what do you feel like creating today? Some aerial acme with your bounded hockey aggregation amulet on them or a account of you and your best acquaintance authoritative asinine faces?

Whatever you appetite to design, we're actuality to help. Analysis out all of our custom architecture options and get accessible to accept the best different shoes ever!